IWI Events

    Easily engage participants

    Our Interact app is immersive and intuitive;
    onboard your guests in no time.

    Easily engage attendees during your events

    IWI Events created the Interact app to stimulate exchanges
    between participants and make all events interactive.

    The digital event experience

    Power your event with its own mobile application.

    Maximize attendees' participation in your workshops and plenary sessions. Let them react in real time, like and comment.

    The application is available to everyone! Participants can download it on their iOS or Android smartphone or simply use the web version.

    The digital event experience on mobile

    Stimulate user engagement

    Maximize user engagement

    Generate value and maximize your ROI.

    Interrogate your audience with polls, real-time voting, and Q&A sessions. Turn them into active participants of your plenary sessions and display all the collected data in real time using our variety of graphs.

    Let participants interact, share photos and comment other's posts on the Social Wall.

    Networking made simple

    Our networking tools make ice breaking between participants super easy and fun.

    With our digital who's who, attendees with shared interests can connect efficiently.

    Our private messaging system allows them to exchange instantly in complete privacy.

    Stimulate exchanges

    Notify participants

    Targeted push notifications

    Our Interact app comes with a powerful and instantaneous communication tool: push notifications.

    With our notifications manager, target and schedule in advance to elaborate complex sequences and save time.

    All your event in one single app

    Simply put: everything participants need is at their fingertips in your app.

    Thanks to the variety of dynamic content and the media center, participants have access to all types of material: presentations, PDF brochures, photos, and videos.

    All relevant information can be accessed at all times: agenda, practical information, access maps...

    All your event in one single app

    Your app, your design

    We build your tailored app

    Interact is a flexible, adaptive, and fully customizable app.

    Our experts are available to start building your app tailored to your event and your brand.

    We can also publish your very own native app on the iOs and Android app store to complete the experience.

    Interactive plenaries

    With IWI Events, interactivity also takes place on stage!
    Use our live broadcast system to display the results of live quizzes, contributions to the Social Wall as well as Q&A inputs.

    Interactivity also takes place on stage

    Social Wall

    Participants publish posts or photos, exchange links and react to other participants' publications. The collaborative spirit continues even after the event.


    You publish articles as you would on a blog. Participants are notified of each publication by push notifications. They can interact, like, and comment on the articles.

    Personal agenda

    Participants have access to their personal agenda. The agenda sessions can be segmented according to teams, groups, they can even be individual sessions. Sessions can be imported via Excel.

    Practical infos

    Enrich the content of your application by adding information on the venue, accommodation, transportation, any kind of useful information or even web links. Our segmentation tools allow you to freely organize your content into different sections within the application.


    The Interact app is available as a native app on iPhone, iPad and Android systems. Send push notifications that are displayed in real time on participants' screens.

    Media center

    Share your media content with participants instantly: videos, images, PDF documents... Users can view them and download what's most valuable to them.

    Who's Who

    The list of participants is available in the Who's Who of the application. You control fields that are visible to users and are able to categorize participants. Every user can set confidentiality parameters from within the app.

    Private messages

    Participants can interact and exchange photos privately in the application, using individual or group messages. Push notifications are generated everytime a message is sent and everything is secured by end-to-end encryption.

    Quizzes & Polls

    Collect data and drive participant engagement with quizzes and polls. A variety of question types are available. Export results as an Excel file for better statistical processing.

    Q&A moderation

    Our Q&A rooms allow every participant to share their opinion. Yet you remain in full control as IWI offers a powerful moderation tool to filter every contribution.


    Gamify sessions by establishing a scoring system based on the complexity of the questions. Rank participants in teams or individually and stimulate engagement.

    Multi-device system

    Our app works on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone. Participants download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or use it directly in the browser of their device.

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