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    Whether it is for in-person, fully virtual or hybrid events, IWI Events includes all the features required to maximize your audience's engagement.

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    Customize your forms according to the segmentation of your participants. All scenarios are possible: overnight stays, transportation...

    Polls & Quizzes

    Submit surveys to your participants directly on your registration site. Monitor questions and results in real time and fine-tune your ROI.


    Allow each participant to easily access his or her personalized program, what a user sees is tailored to your segmentation.

    Email campaigns

    Create and automate personalized emails for each validated registration. Easily follow up with guests using our emailing campaign wizard.

    Media center

    Give every user an easy and simple way to access all the information they need thanks to our documents and media center.


    Streamline the arrival of your guests with the downloadable PDF e-ticket. The QR code scan on the day of the event allows for an ultra fast check-in.

    Content pages

    Add every content you think is relevant to your event website (practical info, contact, whatever you see fit). Offer a complete experience to visitors and centralize all information in one place.

    Dynamic contents

    Each participant gets his own tailored experience, based on how you chose to segment your audience. Your control in real time what is displayed and what is not.


    Your event website is fully secured thanks to our end-to-end encryption system. Data confidentiality is enforced and compliant with GDPR standards.

    Multiple checkpoints

    Control access points to your event using multiple checkpoints and synchronized listings with no limitations. Your audience segmentation is also reflected in our check-in app.

    Smart search

    Our Welcome App allows you to check-in very large audiences as fast as possible thanks to our smart search system. Search directly for a guest, by name, company or email and at each checkpoint; in lists of 100 to 10,000 names.

    QR codes scanning

    Our Welcome app carries a QR code scanner that allows you to scan the PDF tickets sent to guests upon registration or their QR code received via email for even faster check-ins.

    On-screen signature

    You can certify attendance with an electronic signature directly on-screen. We also make your reporting super easy thanks to the PDF export of all signatures in a single document.

    Opt-in & Pictures

    You can require the validation of a condition by the visitor before a check-in can be validated. You can also ask for a photograph to validate an entry, like a driver's license or any piece of Id.


    Turn the check-in process into an important element of your ROI with our surveys directly integrated to the checkpoints. Results are available in real time from your administration platform.


    Our application works on any type of device: computer, tablet, smartphone. You can download the application from the Apple App Store, Google Play or use it directly in the browser of your device.

    Offline support

    Don't be afraid of network problems and internet outages. Our application also works offline. As soon as the connection is restored, all devices will be synchronized again.


    Our app is fully secured with end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. Data privacy is enforced and compliant with the GDPR.

    Social Wall

    Users can publish content including photos or videos in this area, links can also be posted, everyone can react to other participants' publications. The collaborative spirit is maintained even after the event.


    Admins publish articles just like they would on a blog. Participants are notified of each publication by push notifications. They can interact, like, and comment on articles.

    Personal agenda

    Users have access to their personal agenda in your event app. Agenda sessions can be general, depend on a team or even be tailored to a specific user.

    Practical info

    Enrich the content of your application by adding various info about your event like web links, accommodation and transportation information, access maps, anything you think is relevant. Our categorization tools allow you to freely organize your content into different sections within the application.


    The Interact app is available in native format, on both Apple and Android devices. You can send push notifications that are displayed in real time on all of your users' devices.

    Media center

    Share any useful media content with your users: videos, images, PDF documents... They will be able to consult or even download them easily through the media center.

    Who's Who

    User profiles are available in the Who's Who section of your event app. Admins choose which information is made available to others and can categorize users. Users can change the confidentiality level of their profile info directly in the app.

    Private messages

    Participants can interact and exchange photos privately in your event app, individually or in groups. Each new message will result in a push notification. Everything is secured by end-to-end encryption.

    Quizzes & Polls

    Collect data and drive participant engagement with quizzes and polls. Various question types are available. Results can be exported as an Excel file for better statistical processing.

    Q&A sessions

    Our app brings out the reactions of participants through Q&A sessions using our chat rooms. Easily isolate in the back-office the most liked or commented questions, and maintain full control through our moderation tool.


    Pace sessions with a scoring system depending on the difficulty of every question. Rank participants in teams or individually in real time to challenge your audience and stimulate its engagement.


    Our application works on any type of device: computer, tablet, smartphone. You can download the application from the Apple App Store, Google Play or use it directly in the browser of your device.


    Our live streaming and video conferencing solution works all over the world, without any restrictions. We provide low latency and easy access for everyone.

    Live streaming

    Bring all your guests together in a virtual event using your IWI events website. Connect any video signal to our streaming system using RTMP.

    Video conference

    Our WebRTC video conferencing module includes various options and is directly available on your event website. It is compatible with all contemporary web browsers.


    Our Live Streaming solution is compatible with all stream providers. You can integrate any iframe on the IWI Events virtual event platform with only a few clicks.

    Video record

    Recordings of your video conferences are included. We also offer the recording of your Live Streams. Replays can be maid available to users on your IWI events website.


    Our moderated chat module is available for both Live Streams and video conferences. Participants can express themselves and interact freely in real time using WebSockets. You have control thanks to our moderation tool.

    Quizzes & Polls

    Engage your audience and collect valuable data during your Live Streams and video conference sessions. Questions appear directly on screen. You can view the results in real time, show them to the audience and export them.


    Our Live Streaming and video conferencing interface offers advanced moderation options. You control who can take the floor, the waiting list, the overlay, and the layout seen by the audience. You are the director!

    Adaptative bitrate

    Our live stream and video conferencing solution is adaptative and flexible. Depending on the configuration of your virtual event, we adjust the video and audio quality. It's tailored to your needs!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I try the application for free?

    We can create logins for you to access our event management platform on-demand in order to test its features.

    You can also schedule a demo of our digital solution with one of our experts.

    Can I share my account with my colleagues?

    Yes, once your account is created, you can share your access to the CRM with several of your colleagues by sending an invitation email.

    You keep the control and can revoke access or modify the rights at any time.

    Is it possible to moderate user content?

    All content published by users (publications on the social network and chat, questions and answers, shared photos, etc.) and the users themselves are subject to our moderation tool.

    You can also set up a priori or a posteriori moderation.

    Is there an export tool for the collected data?

    Our event management CRM offers a complete and exhaustive data export center. You can download all your data and all the data collected at any time in Excel format.

    PDF attendance reports are also available for the check-in and sign-in application.

    How can I measure my return on investment?

    The dashboard of our CMS contains detailed statistics and graphs to allow you to measure the ROI.

    Each of the features of our solution also includes real-time statistics (traffic, connections and user actions, registrations, email tracking...)

    Can IWI events be used as a white label solution?

    Our solution is fully deployable as a white label, to highlight your brand and its graphic identity without mentioning IWI Events.

    We can use your domain name and email address.

    Can my event guests log in using SSO (Single Sign On)?

    SSO is available on-demand for your event site to facilitate attendee access.

    Is the system multilingual?

    Our solution is completely multilingual. You can edit your content in 12 languages for your event website and application.

    An intuitive translation system is also available for the participants' publications.

    Can I add guests from an Excel file?

    You can import but also modify the participants' data via our intelligent Excel import module.

    An algorithm detects errors and inconsistencies in your Excel file and allows you to correct them during the import.

    How will I add content to my website and application?

    You have access to a content management CMS that allows you to edit all the content available in your site and application, without making a line of code.

    A space for uploading media files is also dedicated to you.

    Can we show the results of quizzes and Q&A on a large screen?

    Our solution includes an interface to display quizzes, polls, and Q&A. This interface adapts to the size of the screen and is updated in real time.

    What about the security of my data?

    Your event data is your property, we do not make any commercial use of it and it is deleted no later than 6 months after the expiration of your event.

    We are fully GDPR compliant, our servers are secured, your data is encrypted, our code is maintained on a daily basis and our frameworks are regularly updated.

    Any other questions?

    Support: our priority

    From the design of your digital solution to its deployment, one of our interactive event experts will accompany you throughout the management of the project.

    We offer you continuous assistance and support, remotely or in person. Our number one commitment is the success of your event!

    L'accompagnement : notre priorité
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    Discover IWI Events on video

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